ScaryNet's History

2,5 years ago ice-t and Firedevill started an irc network called Teacat.Com. This was the beginning of what we know as Scarynet.
A little while later it linked with StoneC0ld and GenericNet.Org and the network became quite big, with several servers and quite a few users.

As any irc network, there were a few disagrements, some would leave, some would join. Firedevill left and Teacat.Com changed name to GenericNet.Org, StoneC0ld's old domain. Things now seemed to work out fine, routines were formed and the network was growing. At this point Ishtar from GenericNet.Org joined, and with her the discussions. At that point OUTsider joined too. In this short period of 6 months, Scarynet was born.

The 16. of may 2002 to be exactly, ice-t decided to leave the discussions behind and the two networks split up for good. The new coders of ScaryNet were OUTsider, Reed and Math. But the discussions were not over yet, and Scarynet had to live though the erasure of the user db and ddos attacks.
Finally OUTsider had enough and took over the command. And Scarynet could start all over once again. This time with only one coder, as Math had to focus on school. Since then Scarynet has been stable, with quite a few new users besides the old ones and new servers linked. It has had it's ups and downs, for example when ice-t left for a while and the oslo-server was delinked. Users left and servers delinked, and scarynet was down to 20 users at a point. Since january 2004 scarynet has been stable and growing.