Online Resources

You need help and don't know where to find it? Well, we know that certain networks try to make you feel confused by confronting you with a large jungle of helpchannels where you end up waiting without getting helped or with the helper needing to wait for assistance from an IRCoper to perform his request.

On ScaryNet, things go a little different, we use one single channel for almost all your help needs and can direct you to a special chan in some cases. But let us give you a list you might need just in case you need help.

If you got questions that are related regarding your registered channel or any other questions that are dealing with channel services, you might want to try #CService. All people that have experience and are able to help you with those questions can help you in there.

For general help issues and questions you may find help in our general chat channel called #ScaryNet. Since most of our opers are gathered in here, why not help you from there as well.

We also have created a command called /stats p that will show you a list of opers that made themself available for help. Just type that command anywhere in your client to get the list. Simply contact one of the listed opers with your question and wait for an answer, do not hesitate to contact more then one oper. Should one person be helping you in your matter, please be so kind to tell others that respond that someone is already helping you.

ScaryNet wants to show you a different approach in helping by combining all help channels into one and we hope you like this approach.