IRC Defender

In order to prevent abuse from happening on our network, ScaryNet decided to take advantage of the IRC Defender system.
IRC Defender is a system that checks for certain things when a user connects. So in case you see a CTCP VERSION from NoDrone, don't be afraid, thats just part of the irc defender system.
If you do not desire this type of check to occur, then simply block access to the ScaryNet servers.
Connection to and use of the ScaryNet.Org IRC Network is conditional upon acceptance of any and all applicable policies of the individual servers that make up the ScaryNet as well as acceptance of the ScaryNet.Org Acceptable Use Policy and its Indemnify and Hold Harmless clause.

What does NoDrone check for ?

NoDrone currently checks for certain kinds of drones (mainly fyle/fyle v2).
Also we decided to make sure people don't use very old and easily exploitable versions of their client.
Should we detect other drones, then we will try to find a way to keep them out without harming users by updating the system.

What is and why does it set modes in my channel ? is the virtual server defender uses in order to connect to the network and perform the scans as effective as possible. Should you see it setting a mode in a channel it means the system detected your channel being under attack by join floods (too many users joining your channels within a certain set of time).
The system will first warn the ops in the channel about this, should another limit be triggered, the system will come into action setting the modes +rC for the time of 1 minute. These modes prevent not authenticated users from joining the channel, and existing non-ops from sending CTCP"s towards the channel.

I got glined with the reason that I would be a drone.

This means your client information which gets used to connect to scarynet makes your client look like a drone, mostly because your realname, ident and nickname are the same, or you have only set a DNS name into the clients realname field. Please check your client settings and attempt to reconnect.

I got glined with the reason that I would be a Litmus drone.

We are aware of the fact that serveral innocent clients have been glined on ScaryNet with the reason "Possible Litmus Trojan". After checking for one of the criteria to be a match in this case we discovered that certain mIRC client scripts send out an empty VERSION reply after the mIRC internal version reply. Mainly because a version reply has been coded into a script which uses a single variable that has no value set (Thus returning nothing). So please, if you get this problem, simply check your scripts and put something AFTER the VERSION statement.

Here is an example:

   Old code:
   ... VERSION $variable
   New code:
   ... VERSION MyScript $variable

If this is NOT the case or you want us to have a look at the scripts you are using, please email them us using the email link: Send email.